We’ve given out plenty of pointers for businesses looking to expand their social media accounts; we’ve touched on growing your following, how to post for each platform, what kind of posts entice people in, times of the day, effective use of imagery, and much more.

But what about once you’ve reached your goal? How do you keep your fans following? We’ve seen too many brands grow strong, only for the numbers to dwindle and begin to trail off…

Some of these followers won’t click that awful unfollow button, but they will stop engaging with your posts – basically, point blank ignoring you, we don’t know which is worse! If you have thousands of followers but little to no engagement, you know you’re doing something wrong. Once that all-important interaction dries up, it’s not long before the follower numbers drop, and all your previous efforts are wasted.

So, it’s time to start looking at the content you’re pushing out: is it relevant, is it repetitive, is it boring, is it too salesy? The list goes on and on. One thing to consider when gaining followers is giving them rewards for staying. We don’t necessarily mean you have to shower everyone with gifts, just provide interesting, current or funny content and they’ll definitely want to stick around. People need a reason to keep engaging with you, and repetitive stuff from the previous month won’t cut it. Followers want competitions, polls, industry news, video and graphics; you need to be using at least one of these.

So, where to begin?

Video, animation and infographics are a great way to inject some life into a mundane timeline; they entice interaction and give people a reason to stop and look. It’s no secret that video has taken over the world of social, how far can you scroll down your news feed without seeing a video? Probably not very far. So go for video! It could be a candid behind the scenes shot of your business; show the world the brains behind the front image. Take your followers on a ‘day in the life’ tour, this is a much more personal way to interact with your fan base, they will appreciate seeing a private side of you and your brand. It’s a guaranteed method to create engagement and re-spark interest for your business. You don’t need to hire a film crew and spend a fortune, with the ever expanding tools on social media, live video is an amazingly quick way to broadcast to your followers. Doing so attaches a personality to your brand, it shows a new, softer side with which your following can communicate with and engage.

Similar to video, animation works well, it’s engaging, interesting and can quickly give an insight into your company within 60 seconds. Even just a graphic can tell a thousand words, it adds a nice change from product pushing or boring retweets. Again, this adds a personality and likeability factor to your brand; once people see this they will associate your brand with those emotions. No more bored followers!

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If video isn’t your thing, get your writers on the job. Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website; they also reward your followers with more than just a few boring product tweets. Use your blogs wisely, say something about the industry you’re in, touch on an interesting topic, give out advice, show behind the scenes photos from an event your company attended. The possibilities are literally endless. Alternatively, if you have no time for blog writing, compile some of your possible blog topics into social content. Tweet about things that are current, create polls, ask questions – invoke engagement with engaging content! Once you stop churning out the same product posts and imagery from last month, you’ll see a spike in your inbox. Give people a reason to talk to you, and they will. Simple really.

If you need to inject some life into your social media accounts but need that initial kick to get you going, the Engage Hub team are raring to go! Give Ray and the Engage Hub team a call on 0161 222 4044; we’ll take your brand’s image and run with it! No more dwindling followers, no more bored customers… the only way is up!