Influencer Marketing Trends

This year has been influencer marketing’s year, the boom has been huge, with more and more brands looking to use influencers in their online campaigns. As with any marketing service, trends come and go. We’re here to set in stone what we think is really going to make its mark next year in the world of influencer marketing trends!

influencer marketing trends

A High Focus On ROI

Brands are now increasing their spend on influencer marketing, and with this comes a greater need for accurate measurements on ROI. The way in which influencer campaigns are carried out and reported on will become much more structured; with in-depth data and reports on engagement levels at the forefront of every campaign. Now that more and more money is being pumped into influencer campaigns, brands are less likely to go out on a whim and spend a budget on an influencer without creating a clear structure and plan for ROI first.

Increased Video Content

Video has been dominating social media throughout 2017, and 2018 is looking to be no exception. Video content is a powerful and engaging tool to use, and even more so within influencer marketing. It’s an important aspect to consider for your influencer campaign, video has been proven time and time again to be a much more effective way to drive sales. So what better pair than video and influencers hand in hand?

Long-term relationships

By building a healthy, long-standing communication between your brand and your influencers, you’re creating invested ambassadors for your brand. A brand advocate is a much more beneficial relationship to have than a short, ‘one post and done’ influencer relationship. Brands see a larger ROI and dedicated brand ambassadors with an engaged audience thanks to long-term relationships.

influencer marketing trends

We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for influencer marketing trends. Are you thinking about using influencers for your brand? Lucky for you, we’ve got the best of the best! Have your pick of the bunch over at our influencer page. From micro to medium, to mega, our influencers can create campaigns for your brand like you’ve never seen before. Get in touch and let’s change the game, starting with you! 0161 222 3450