You read that right, Influencer Marketing in Manchester, we present – the Influencer Agency.

We’re the first to launch influencer marketing in a modelling-agency-style, and we’re here to shout about it!

We’ve been working away on this big reveal for a while, with plenty of blood, sweat and coffee shed in the process. So, forget everything you know about influencer marketing. We’re not talking generic accounts with a following, we wanted to go for the gold; real influencers, people with a huge following of targeted customers that listen.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been signing up and chatting with the UK’s biggest influencers, not to mention the huge brands too! We recognised that these savvy individuals are the future of marketing, a trusted voice with a whole lot of influence. They’re creatives with a great feed and a keen eye for the media’s latest trends, brands and products. We noticed this, and we wanted to make that flourish! Influencer Marketing in Manchester has seen nothing like what we’re about to do, so hold onto your hats!

We’re now over the moon to reveal our bank of specially selected, highly influential individuals. Check out the full profile on our website, there’s bound to be some names and faces you recognise. They’re here to make your brand known and drive influencer marketing in Manchester this 2017.

influencer marketing in manchester

Our sole aim is to shake things up, and we’re breaking all the rules as we go. We will deliver a campaign that packs a punch. (Not to mention serious engagement and ROI). So forget boring, forget salesy, forget everything you know about traditional marketing. We’re here to scrap the old and bring in the new.

Our passion for social media shines through in everything we do, so you know you’re in the best hands when it comes to influential campaigns.

So, it’s time to take your brand to the next level. Give us a call today. 0161 222 3450.