Grono are one of the most exciting and fast growing artificial lawn specialists in the UK. They supply to all Jewsons and have also had exponential growth over the last 8 years. The brand is continuously expanding into new, modern services such as the School of Grass, GronoDec, GronoPod and many more anticipated products coming in 2017. Since taking Grono on, we have assisted them in expanding and re-branding their new and original products to fit a more modern and engaging style.


We were tasked with the challenge of re-branding Grono. By taking inspiration from current trends, we transformed their existing look into an engaging, sharp and consumer friendly style. Grono also wanted to evolve from just lawn specialists into a much more versatile and universal brand. To execute this, we would need to create a strong brand style that exuded modernity and quality, for use across multiple platforms.


We successfully enhanced the Grono brand through video, graphics and packaging. Each film captured and delivered the Grono message of brand identity and quality. Through the use of hard-hitting graphics and innovative packaging we created a unique experience for the consumer. From choosing the product to receiving a sample, we designed an enhanced and more refined customer journey. We will also continue to do so for many exciting upcoming projects in 2017.


240 hours on video creation, across 6 films.

390 hours on digital design.

96 hours on animation.

32 hours on creative ideation.

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