So, Instagram trumped Snapchat this month and now Google has brought out a copy of Apple’s FaceTime! Can we squeeze in any more technology drama this month!?

Google Duo has been released to all app stores in the UK, and it’s not been shy about showing off the advanced features. Tech blogs are calling it the world’s simplest video chat device, and it’s currently the top free UK Android app being downloaded. There’s no stopping Google today!

So, what is it and why should we care? Well for a start, the app doesn’t discriminate against what phone you use. Unlike FaceTime, Google Duo allows you to call anyone in your contact list. The app’s interface is incredibly simple and user friendly, even your dog could work it. We’ve got a feeling the app could eventually overtake FaceTime, simply for the fact that anyone can use it, no matter what smartphone you have. The features on the app are fantastic, our particular favourites are the ‘Knock Knock’ feature and the ability to carry on chatting whilst on a slower network.

Knock Knock allows the user to see what the caller is doing before they choose to answer the call – they show an example of some friends ringing their mate up to sing ‘Happy Birthday’… Who would ignore that call?! We also love the user friendly advantage of staying connected whilst on a slower network; even if your 3G is reduced or someone else jumps on the Wi-Fi and slows the signal down, Google have made sure that your image won’t glitch and there’ll be no cutting out abruptly. This is a small touch with huge advantages, there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a juicy conversation before your signal rudely cuts you off mid-sentence!

The whole interface of the app is really sleek and easy to use, the layout is aesthetically pleasing and there’s no complicated fuss when you’re just trying to make a call. We think Google are onto a winner here!

However, our prayers for a three way video call still haven’t been answered yet by Google or Apple! We wonder who’s going to introduce it first, it’ll surely be the next step in instant communication. Whoever gets there first will be undoubtedly become the public’s favourite, you better get your skates on Apple!