Why Giving Your Business a Rebrand is Easier than You Think

Sometimes it can be difficult to see a project you’ve been working on for so long in a different light; it’s like writing a story or tackling an equation, once you have tunnel vision it takes an external pair of eyes to give it the once over and put you back on the path to success. This tends to go for many businesses and the way they portray their brand; your style and scheme can become a little outdated, but with just a few colour shifts and swapping of images your brand can take on a completely new lease of life.

There are plenty of fantastic brands out there offering a great service, but their efforts online often go unnoticed because of their choice of branding. Firstly, you need to take a look at your brand, if you’re already considering a rebrand, then chances are there’s a small part of you who knows what you are currently doing isn’t working. Maybe you’ve been so focused on growth you’ve forgotten how important appearance is, or your audience has changed without you realising it. So, whatever the reason, you need to look at your target demographic and work from there; do you want to reach 18-20 year olds, 25-30 or maybe 35+? Once you establish the group of people your business is for, you can rebrand accordingly.

If you’ve worked out your audience, but you can’t see where you would even begin with a rebrand or what elements of your image you should change, ask yourself these questions: has my business gone through a major change in terms of products and services? If you’ve given your stock a complete overhaul, then it’s likely your old method of branding might not fit in with the new services you offer. Secondly, consider if the current branding matches the audience you want to target; if you’re still living in the 90s and using and outdated logo, it’s highly likely you won’t be attracting that 18-25 demographic that you desire. On the other side of the coin, you may have been attracting 20-25 year olds 5 years ago, but the times have changed, moved on and grown up, and so have your demographic. It’s important to move along with them instead of alienating your consumers with your dated online image.

However, rebranding is much more than just a logo change, it’s taking a look at the structure and whole ethos that your business emits to the public. Most people will get their first impressions of you via your social accounts or website, so it’s crucial to get these platforms looking as slick as possible and to really express what your company is about. You would be surprised what a simple colour scheme change and stock image update can do for a brand; suddenly you’re projected right back out of the 90s into the here and now. When taking a look at your social accounts, website or blog, what kind of tone are you using? Even the simple tweets you innocently send out could be adding to your lagging brand image; all of the factors add up. If your tone of voice doesn’t match your brand, spanking new image reveal, then you’re going to hold your consumers at arm’s length even more.

A crucial key when starting your rebrand is to think about the future, will your colours and logo style still be relevant? Is it the type of logo you can tweak as trends come and go? Is your new style going to serve your company’s needs? All of these elements need careful consideration, which is why it’s always great to hire help from a designer. A pair of outside eyes can see where you are going wrong and how to change it, so you’ll be attracting your new customers before you know it.

At Engage Hub we’re the connoisseurs of rebranding, we’ve helped many businesses transform their presence online just by offering some expert advice and tweaking bits here and there. We’ve even undergone our own mini rebrands once or twice! So you could say we’re pretty good at it. If you’re feeling daunted by the prospect of a rebrand, but you know how well it would benefit the business, just give Ray and the Engage Hub team a call. Our creative bunch are always bursting with ideas!