We all know how boring life can be and no matter how long your lunch break is, it always seems hard to fill. Droll and monotonous office life isn’t bettered by that healthy meal you’re eating right now. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our 13 favourite Instagram accounts for you to enjoy on your lunch break.

1 – @cashcats

Cashcats is a stunning and hilarious Instagram account made to ensure no day goes without you seeing a picture of a happy cat owning life. These cats come with millions of dollars and lots of cuddly fur – just the right combination for a blessed day. We think that if Cashcats’ 158k followers love them, you will too.

2 – @bardiazeinali

Bardia Zeinali’s wonderful takes on modern life are displayed through graphics, short videos and their very own music on Instagram. They use a variety of styles to illustrate their opinions on the world around us as well as create hilarious short videos to please even the most tired of minds. This is definitely one for creatives and fashionistas. Bardia and the Vogue social team work together on some of these posts so some surprises are definitely in store for you this lunchtime – fashion disasters and parodies galore.

3 – @missedyabus

Have you ever been seconds away from catching the bus, train, tram or the underground and just missed it? Well our favourite instagram account is just for you. Here you can laugh at other failed attempts at a commute and not feel so bad at being an adult.

4 – @subwaycreatures

Subway creatures is another of our Instagram favourites. You need a stomach of steel to scroll through this account as, with every new post, there comes a new oddity you’ll probably never have even thought of before. Below is one of the more tasteful (if still very strange) things you’ll see on this particular account. If you’re a people watcher with a taste for the stranger aspects of society, this account is most certainly for you.

5 – @chillwildlife

This is another favourite Instagram account of ours. Animals of all shapes and sizes come together with their owners to create beautiful, inventive and sometimes downright weird photos. If you’ve had a sad or boring day then chillwildlife is the right account for your lunch.

6 – @baddiewinkle

Everyone’s favourite badass grandma isn’t going anywhere. In fact, she’s here to empower you this lunchtime. Baddiewinkle’s 90th birthday is this year and as her age grows so does her wonderful sense of style, which she documents on her long-running and 3.3million-follower-strong Instagram account.

7 – @beigecardian

Beigecardian is run by NYC-based stylist Jessica Anteby. Her instagram is famous for its relatability and references to pop culture. It summarises what it is to live as a millennial. There are some funny posts, some sad and some are just damn true. There is something for everyone on this account so be sure to check it out.

8 – @funnywhenitswrong

If like many people out there your most prevalent form of humour is the self-deprecating kind then this account is definitely for you. This instagram account is about laughing at all the things that go wrong in life. Everything that makes up the difficult parts of life is documented in one sorrowful and popular account for easy reach.

9 – @kidsaretheworst

Parents, we’re here for you. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a shop and suddenly your child starts crying because the tomatoes aren’t red enough or they can’t have that marshmallow that someone left out for what looks like months. We’ve all been there. Here’s an account just for you: children misbehaving in public and posts which detail just how you feel.

10 – @passengershaming

As part of work some of us have to commute further than the next city. Perhaps this is the account which sums up your flight experience? With everything from stinking feet to faeces smeared all over bathrooms, there’s guaranteed to be something for you.


11 – @hotdudeswithdogs

Hotdudeswithdogs is the perfect account if you’re in need of cheering up. This Instagram account does what it says on the tin and is bound to please even the saddest people. It promises smiles and good vibes even in that meeting you really don’t want to go to at 5pm.

12 – @thesamepictureofchrispratt_

This is the perfect meme account when you don’t have the energy to seek out memes yourself. Every picture is the same picture of Chris Pratt accompanied by something witty or weird, perfect for insomniacs and quirky underworked peeps.