Social media is always an interesting place. Right now, however, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything not to do with the football. What’s impressive is the amount of time people are collectively spending on tweets, memes, Facebook and Instagram posts. The historic and cultural importance of football is well-represented in England’s social media. Why? It’s coming home!

Controversy struck fans worldwide when VAR (video assistant referee) was introduced to the world cup and people started to panic. While some claim this technique could be more helpful, others are claiming there will be more drama than ever before.

Football has crushed it on social media. Fans have made their presence known and those who aren’t fans have learnt to hide away until the end of the season. Here are our favourite England memes of this year’s world cup:


Recently, American Independence day was celebrated and while most of the world celebrated with the US, England didn’t. Of course we’re too busy! Instead of congratulating American citizens we were off partying. It seems our usual talent for apologising was trumped by our obsession with winning!


Sweden and More

Southgate (above) is England’s Manager, his ambition prior to and during the world cup is what a lot of people believe is what is making us win. Here he is finding a bigger shelf in time for the big win!
Harry Kane (below) is seen getting caught up in the excitement of a match-well-done, just like England who are getting quite caught up in the idea of winning the World Cup after 52 years.

Pictured above is the England Coach in Heathrow’s short stay car park covered in parking tickets. There’s been no short stay this World Cup!
Below is a picture of England’s Manager wearing a suit with the words “It’s Coming Home” on it, a reference to Conor McGregor’s profanity pinstriped suit.

Above is the song “Rhythm is a Dancer” which has been rewritten to suit the world cup. We’re quite the fan. Are you?
Below is the beloved show Peppa pig, a meme also in its own right. This time it has been edited to include Social Media Account Manager Jordan’s favourite song ever.


It seems like no matter what England is determined to meme its way to victory. And we’re right behind them. What will happen in tonight’s match? Don’t forget to tune in and tweet us @EngageHub!

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