My first month

My First Month At Engage Hub

It’s September the 18th. It’s Monday (groan). I’m hunched under a bus shelter after work and full of a frown. Rain, wind and second-hand cigarette smoke are lashing into my face. Did I mention that the bus is 35 minutes late? Typical Monday evening commute, right?!

But all that misery vanished when my phone finally pinged. It was the e-mail I had been waiting for. The interview I attended earlier had gone A LOT better than I thought… I had got the job offer from Engage Hub! I was now going to be a social media executive!

Nearly 7 weeks have passed since then, and my first month and a bit has been all go! My start date was the 2nd October, and my learning started immediately. I was thrown right into the thick of it! I got hands on with our social media software, and took to it straight away. Also, I learned the importance of unique keyword searches to find potential engagements on social. Thankfully, being an English student, the snappy engagement was always in my locker! After this, I had a crash course in structuring a captivating campaign on all social media platforms.

I was learning A LOT from our amazing team and felt instantly welcome. Jonathan and Ray gave me great direction. Charly has been brilliant and patient. She’s had to answer a lot of my silly questions! Sam was brilliant with his help during our amazing event (more of that later!). Meanwhile, Suhail and Jae have provided the comic relief! (They have other uses as well, of course). It was the perfect start!

Time To Get My Hands Dirty

I was then given the reigns of five big accounts (gulp). First up was running the accounts of The Victorian Chophouses. There’s Albert’s Chop House, our office neighbours. Then we have Sam’s Chophouse, the old stomping ground of L.S. Lowry. And completing the Chophouse triple threat was Tom’s Chophouse, my favourite of the bunch! Alongside these, I was also assigned Mr Coopers. It made me realise that Engage Hub were BIG social players in Manchester! These were some of Manchester’s biggest staples in the hospitality sector. The accounts have been great fun and there’s always something happening at these spots!

Alongside those accounts, I was also given the responsibility of driving engagement for Engage Hub’s very own event, Battle of the Brunch. It felt like my baby in my first month, as I was given free rein to run the engagements and scheduled posts. I was instructed to whip up a brunch frenzy for our event, and wow, did we?! The event was a massive success! Every brunch venue involved in the event was PACKED OUT and the votes and engagements were crazy!

The brunch dust has settled now, (way to go our champion, Fress!), but the excitement hasn’t stopped. More staff have been hired. New offices await us in January. And we’re also getting a rebranding in the new year! Christmas is busy for all our accounts and there’ll be more clients to get on board! I’m still made up to be a part of the team and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I loved my first month, and here’s to many more.

We’ll catch up soon, but until then…