Just a week ago one of the biggest developments in Facebook happened, but it might have slipped under your radar…

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ricky Gervais and Michael Bublé are just some of the stars who have broadcast publicly to fans on Facebook Live from the gym, from the car and the red carpet even the bathtub. Rick Gervais’ streams usually involve turning his beloved car Ollie into a car-star more than anything else but always make for amusing viewing. Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a small tour of Facebook HQ just the other day (His desk is just like a normal person’s desk!) which was a little more informative that Ricky’s videos.

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It doesn’t stop their either, the politicians are getting involved.

Donald Trump used mentions after landing his private jet to attend a debate. Also, Ted Cruz went live to 22,000 users from the back of a flatbed truck in Mississippi Tuesday morning whilst doing his campaign rounds. Your turn, Cameron. Or even better, Corbyn.

As of September 10th you can only get the Facebook Mentions app if you have a verified account.. so probably you not if you’re reading this! If you happen to be an admin of a verified Page, you can request access to Mentions directly at https://www.facebook.com/mentions

Like me, if you’re not a celebrity, global superstar or God but fancy treating your fans to this experience, there’s always Meerkat and Periscope to stream live from your kitchen, back garden or local boozer.

Oh, speaking of Facebook.. there’s a dislike button coming soon too. Hear about that? It should make for some amusing posts, especially gauging the popularity of some celebrity and politician’s tweets. And you can finally let your Mum know it’s not OK to post childhood photos on Facebook.

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