Social Media In Manchester; We’re Changing The Game

What does online engagement mean to you? Nowadays everyone’s shouting about their engagement rates, but no one does it like us. We set out with one goal; to transform social media in Manchester, and we started with engagement. We want to get the whole city shouting about you and your brand! Have you got a new venue, a product launch, a new menu or just want to remind the city you’re still here? You need engagement, let’s get started.

social media in manchester

How We Engage

Using bespoke search terms, we’re seeking out real conversations happening on social media right now. We intercept these conversations and connect your brand to your new customer. It’s a genius way to drive your brand awareness, and we’ve proven the method time and time again. Just check out our work page and see the brand’s we’ve collaborated with on their social. Want the brief overview first, take a look at our showstopping video below for all the information you could possibly need!


We know that social media engagement is everything today. Our unique in-house software utilises bespoke search terms. We then use these to seek out real conversations happening on social media right now about your industry, by your target customers. With a 95% response rate to all social traffic, and within the hour between 8am and midnight; we simply can’t be beaten.

Like the idea of increasing your social engagement? Well, we’re here to transform social media in Manchester, and we’d love your brand to be a part of it. Why not give us a bell and chat to one of us, we don’t bite! The whole team is raring to go on your new social media campaign, we’ve got ideas for days. So, what are you waiting for? 0161 222 3450