It might sound crazy to people but it’s hard to imagine daily life without social media. Scrolling through the daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is almost like a morning and evening ritual now – just like reading the newspaper was for our grandparents. But if you are a grandparent on the previous mentioned social medias – We salute you. 


It’s easier than ever to influence and be influenced on the likes of Instagram. Just type in the word #inspo and 3,847,120 posts appear. Having thousands of followers and likes on these sites is all the more important because at the end of the day it makes you look like you know what you’re doing… People are gaining 100,000 followers from posting #inspo pictures of fitness, fashion and beauty and making their careers out of it. Sure it may get annoying seeing that guy who lost 2 stone using that fitness DVD but it fulfils exactly what it’s supposed to on your feed. Motivate and Influence. 


As well as these “inspirational” lifestyle bloggers, larger companies have easier access to your daily choices and purchases. You don’t need to go into a store to know that there’s a sale on because it’s plastered all over their Twitter feed. You can see the unreleased John Lewis advert before it’s on TV because someone has leaked it on their Facebook. You don’t need a paper voucher for your next Selfridges purchase because they’ve already posted a code on their Instagram to use online. Are we becoming a generation glued to our social media feeds? Probably. But we will be the first to know when Prada start selling on the moon.