We all know the role of influencers in social media by now. It’s no secret that the trend of influencer marketing blew up in 2017. Using celebrities to endorse your products has become a thing of the past and a thing for TV advertising. Brands have tapped into their consumer’s favourite Instagram stars, bloggers or YouTubers. And what they’ve found is a dedicated, trusting audience that listens to their recommendations. But, the growth of influencers has brought about the growth of micro-influencers. And they’re now a more crucial part of marketing than ever before. As time has progressed, the role of micro-influencers has changed dramatically. Brands aren’t just looking for big players on social anymore, they’ve seen the value that comes from micro-campaigns.



By spreading the budget of one influencer across 4 or 5 smaller influencers, you can potentially increase the ROI of your campaign and measure results better. Not to mention micro-influencers having higher engagement rates, despite having a lower reach. More often than not, brands assume that lower reach (followers) equals lower ROI. However, that’s not always the case, micro-influencers have a significant impact on their audience. Due to having a lower reach, it’s easier to create a trusting connection with your audience. It’s a more personable, honest and transparent connection between follower and influencer.

When considering a micro-influencer campaign, it’s important to make sure your product is in line with the influencer. We’re an experienced bunch when it comes to influencer marketing and killer campaigns, so hit us up! From micro to medium, to mega, our influencers can add value to your brand like you’ve never seen before.

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