Putting your brand online can be a daunting thing, especially if you’re not clued up in the world of Social Media, and it’s pretty easy to fall into the bear trap that is spam posting and dormant accounts. As a Social Media Agency, we’ve seen our fair share of businesses try to make the leap to social, then right back down because they didn’t have a thorough grasp on social to begin with. As far as ‘online annoyance’ goes, there’s plenty of things you could be doing wrong that tick off your followers. So to give some businesses out there a helping hand, we’ve whittled down some pointers to ensure that you never irritate a customer again and keep the followers coming!


1. You’re Being Rude
No we don’t mean you’ve just insulted their dog, we mean you ignore their messages! A staggeringly large amount of consumers find that their direct message or inbox is being unread and ignored, or even worse – read and ignored! There’s nothing more infuriating that seeing a company has acknowledged your message but never got back to your burning question. It’s crucial to set time aside during the day to go back on inboxes as quickly as possible, it boosts your credibility on Facebook with a green badge, which lets people know you’re responsive.


2. You Don’t Engage
Following on nicely from point 1, if you’re not interacting with your followers, people are going to get bored very quickly. Whilst direct messages may contain queries of a higher importance, it’s still crucial that you respond to comments or mentions. If someone is singing your praises and loving your products – thank them! They’ll be more inclined to purchase from you again, or just simply stay following.
Another way people want to be engaged is via competitions. You don’t have to put on a lavish contest every week, but once every two months is a good way to start. It gives people a sense that they’re being rewarded and appreciated. You need your loyal follower base to like you, or you’re not going to go very far.


3. Too Much Promotion
So you’ve set up your brand page and everything is going swimmingly, but you notice your follower count is dwindling, you lose a few people and gain hardly any back. What’s going on?
Take a look at your timeline and you’re probably just shoving your product down people’s throats, and what’s more – the posts are lacking personality. If you want a better way to annoy your followers, you won’t find one. There’s been many polls showing how turned off a consumer feels if all a brand does it product push and promote. There needs to be a healthy mix of content, because unlike publicity, not all content is good content.
It may seem like the obvious thing to post what you sell (what else is your brand page for?!) but you’re wrong, very wrong. Consumers want tone, they want personality, and they want you to give them a reason to stick around. If you follow points 1 & 2, then point 3 shouldn’t happen. However, the tone of your company could throw all of that hard work into the water if you don’t establish a brand personality…



4. You’ve Got No Personality
You probably have a lovely personality, but your business doesn’t! Just like a well-rounded individual, you need to sit back and establish what tone you’d like your brand to convey via social media. Take a look at who your demographic is, who buys from you, what’s the age range? Would it pay you to take a less ‘corporate’ tone with your followers, or would it be better to ‘slang’ it up a bit? This is entirely for you and your brand to decide, just make sure you don’t make any of these faux-pas along the way…

Recent surveys have revealed that one of the top reasons someone unfollows and gets annoyed by your brand is poor tone of voice. As much as they hate boring, monotone, soulless brands, they also hate over the top and embarrassingly try-hard brands too. Make sure you’re not overusing current lingo to seem ‘hip’ and ‘cool,’ people will see through you a mile off and you’ll start to make your consumers cringe. If your consumer age range is 30 – 40, don’t alienate those people just for the sake of gaining a few younger followers.


It all may seem a bit daunting, but if you bare these tips in mind whilst creating your social presence, you’ll see your brand flourish instead of falling flat. However, If you just haven’t got time in the day to overhaul your brand and reply to followers within the hour, you’re in luck; that’s exactly what we do! Give the Engage Hub Team a call and see how we can give your business a new lease of life!