We all want to be successful in our ventures, and brand reputation is more important than ever in the digital age. Social media is a huge part of building your brand – in the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry report revealed that 92 percent of marketers said that social media was a vital tool for their businesses. We have our top tips to making sure that your media accounts are the best that they can be.


Choose The Right Social Media Platforms

The first place to start in your social media journey is to get your brand on the right networks. If your brand is very visual, you will thrive on Instagram or Pinterest, however if you want to present a professional image, LinkedIn can be an amazing place for your brand. Check out our in depth review of each social media to help decide the best ones for you.

Keep Your Imagery Consistent

This is a key part of building the overall image of your brand – pick an imagery theme and stick to it. Whether it’s a certain colour scheme or a consistent filter. Your images must be instantly recognisable, and by spreading this across all of your platforms it makes sure that your brand’s image is ever present. With our in-house graphics and video team, we can help you build the best images and videos to showcase your brand.

Creating Valuable and Shareable Content

By creating content that your audience wants to interact and share, this ensures that your brand grows and reaches the audience you want:

• Make sure the content you share is in line with your brand image. Ensuring that your posts are what your followers want to see on their feeds. Humour is a great thing to add to your posts, to connect with your followers – as long as your audience is open to it!

• Set the tone of your posts. As mentioned in the previous point, humour is a great thing to try out in your posts. However if your audience isn’t looking for that, then don’t include it just because others in your field are. Everything must be relevant to your brand – you can’t share something just because it is trending, if it has nothing to do with your brand.

• Use analytics. Finding out which posts work the best for your networks – whether they like images on Twitter or blog posts on Facebook – you will find this information out when you look at your social media analytics. These posts will also gain the most visibility on these networks.

• Be visual! Images and videos are the most interacted things on the internet and guarantee 94 percent more views. Even on Twitter, pictures provide up to double the amount of views than text only posts.

Engaging With Your Audience

Obviously, we at Engage Hub think this is the most important thing for you to do on your social media – it’s what we do best! It helps for your brand to build your audience and interact with followers, which further strengthens your brand image. Social influencers in your field are a great place to start, as their brand has already been established on social media – get in touch with them and interact! Mention them in your posts, inspiring them to contact you and then sharing your posts with their audience. Taking part in discussions will also show your expertise in your field and will help to build a bridge between you and your audience.

If all of these things seem a bit too much, feel free to get in contact with us and we can help you along with all of these points, from setting up the right social media accounts for you to the perfect brand imagery – you have no need to worry in our hands.