The term┬áSEO can be quite daunting for many everyday business owners. Many business owners have not heard of the term before or if they have, are quite frightened of it. Many business owners have made and manage their websites themselves. But don’t fear, we’ve put together a handy little guide just for you…

What is SEO you ask?

Well… SEO stands for ‘Search-Engine-Optimisation’. When you use search-engines, such as Google, whatever you search for is ranked. You also may have noticed that many don’t search past ‘page 1’ on the Google page; most click the first website shown on the list. Search-Engine-Optimisation aims to make the website for your business the top option on Google and the most clicked. In turn, making it more likely for your customers to purchase your service and/or product from your website.

How can I use SEO for my website?

It depends on the platform you are using your website on. Blogger, WordPress, SquareSpace; there are any different platforms you can choose. If you have externally hired a company to build your website, you will, or should have, access to it (your login details). These simple tips are useful, but effective… Just the way Engage Hub likes it.

  1. Make your website user-friendly and mobile-friendly
    Do not underestimate how irritating a broken link is on your website. Clear visuals and drop-downs on your site are also crucial, because to put it bluntly, it makes it more likely that more people will click on your website and/or spend time on it. Sounds like an obvious example, but make sure your website works through and through. Make your website mobile-friendly as well, the easiest way to check this is by simply, checking how your website functions on a tablet and smartphone.
  2. If you have Social Media handles, use them!SEO, social media help, social media need, business
    Make your social media handles, visible, easy to see, and clickable to the relevant pages. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are particularly useful for small businesses. Not only are they all free, but they are predicted to play a huge part in the way Google rankings work and will play an even bigger role in years to come. Bigger Social Media presence = more potential customers viewing your products = more sales. Don’t be skeptical of Social Media.
  3. Links are vital
    If you can get others to link to your website, your Google rankings will increase over time… That’s for sure. It’s one of the biggest ways to get more views on your website, but it’s also more difficult for smaller businesses. However if you have another website for another business, it may be a good idea to link them. If you’ve hired an external website developer, ask them if they can link your website to theirs (acting as a portfolio for them).
  4. Start blogging
    There could be a whole separate blog post about this in honesty. When you host a blog, you are continually uploading content to your website over time, in theory. A website that is shown to be more active and continually editing is more likely to show up on Google. It’s also a great way to show your personality as a small business and develop your writing skills.By Eleanor