Brands Versus Consumers…

As an Influencer Marketing Agency in Manchester and London, it’s important for us to keep you in the ‘know’ about all influencer partnerships, right? Just wait until you hear these key findings from the Influencer Marketing 2020 study.

1,173 marketers and 500 consumers from the UK and US were studied. So, what exactly did they find out?

Well, it seems that trust in brands is becoming more and more important. Last week we told you that millennials appear to trust influencers more than celebrities. Especially when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Remember that insight? Well, forget it now…

To contradict this, brands believe that influencer marketing may actually harm their reputation. A third of brands admit to deliberately not disclosing influencer posts as ‘sponsored content.

This claim is evident in some cases as not all influencer partnerships go as planned. Some end up far more damaging to the brand itself.

However, considering the majority of users can spot sponsored influencer posts a mile off anyway, it’s confusing why brands won’t disclose a partnership. Instead, certain marketers will come up with “creative alternatives” instead of the typical #spon or #ad at the end of the post.

Even more so, Influencer Marketing 2020 findings contradict marketers’ concerns. Over half of consumers say they “do not have a problem” with sponsored content. Further, 77% of marketers state that they are fully aware and “up to date” with advertising codes and guidelines set out by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Transparency is key on the agenda in these findings. Despite admitting to ‘creative alternatives’, 64% of marketers feel action must be taken to improve sponsored content posts.

So, what’s the plan of action then?

83% of marketers say better data and metrics that allow for more transparency will be the biggest trend over the next two years. As a result, this should impact influencer marketing strategies.

What do you think? Do brands need to own up to bending the rules? Let us know.

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