What makes a brand great? From consistency to fun to creativity there are thousands of things to consider. Here are the brands shaking up the world of marketing for the better; Brands making sure the world is constantly seeing something new.


Coca Cola is running with the times. In order to push their consumers towards healthier options and beat sugar taxes Coke is combining Coke Zero’s flavour with Coca Cola’s packaging to create the ultimate low-calorie lunch pal. The £5m spend by Coke’s UK base will see them promote low sugar varieties of their products across the British Isles. Is this a bold step for Coke’s marketing?

Coke’s redesign will see subtle differences made to the classic packaging. Rather than being all black, all grey, etc the variants will be indicated by a coloured stripe around the top of the bottle or can. The proposed changes are to the Coke variants: Original; Zero; Zero Sugar Peach; Sugar Cherry; and Zero Sugar Vanilla. Ultimately Coca Cola would like to see around half of all sales coming from low-sugar varieties.

The leader of the consumer giant’s marketing team commented: “For more than 130 years, the colour red has been associated with the great taste and experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola and we want to make it even clearer that you can have that taste and experience with or without sugar. Sales of Coca-Cola zero sugar have almost doubled in the last two years and we believe this latest change will help us grow it even further and encourage more people to give it a try.”

Starting in September this new range will be seen across the UK. Two ads will air on linear channels as well as YouTube lasting from 10 to 30 seconds. This marketing move highlights the popularity of Coke’s flavour. It also pushes the fact that from an experience perspective coke and the low-sugar alternatives are the same. In order to give the impression that the experiences were the same Coke devised the advert above. Through the comparison between the different lives the man would lead we see no difference in the success and happiness he experiences.



Since the introduction and consequent success of mobile gaming, traditional toys and play has seen a decline in the western world. From Monopoly to Barbie Dolls, everything has taken a hit. Lego isn’t having any of it. Lego is now creating a world where traditional and modern means of play are combined. How? Through the tried-and-tested method of photo sharing. These photos will be shared on the Lego app Lego Life where users can share their creations with friends. The environment will be secure, kid-friendly and customisable.

Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin says “[We want to create] a true digital safe space for children where they can interact, upload their creations, connect with others but always moderated to ensure it is a safe interaction. [Transparency and trust] have always been very high on our agenda because we target kids. The number of channels we use [to market Lego products] is very limited – we are not widely [promoting Lego through ads] on YouTube.”

Lego are struggling to grow as fast as they would like, despite seeing record sales in 2016. Wether they have set the bar high or are looking for a marketing challenge we can quite confidently say that Lego are keeping their feet firmly on the ground with ever step they take.


Personal Touch

We all know influencers are taking over the marketing game. It’s possible that this year we could see a 100% increase in the use of  “#Ad” in instagram posts. Influencers are a significant part of social media marketing, making products and services aspirational. People will want them. Social media networks create a great stage for companies to reach audiences on a more personal level in comparison to traditional marketing outlets such as print and posters.

Influencer marketing is on the up and despite being a marketing technique for a few years now it’s still new enough that influencer marketing strategies are largely still being explored. So are the methods by which we measure impact. How well do you know your brand? Influencer marketing is a fun way to get the word out, make your brand seem reliable and start your brand off on the right foot. You can measure the impact in increasingly effective ways, optimise results and make sure your ROI is as high as possible.


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