Pride. We’ve come very far from the night in 1969 when Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and a whole host of other queer people started riots at Stonewall. In many countries across the world same sex marriage is legal, people can transition medically and with professional help, and people are allowed to speak for themselves.


This year the western world is rocking the right to be queer. Star Wars’ first confirmed queer character, played by Donald Glover, will appear in the new film as a pansexual explorer. Ru Paul’s “Pit Crew” has made huge strides since Drag Race began and now includes its first ever trans member. Over in Pakistan the first ever trans news anchor was hired. Because of Pride, organisations like Manchester Pride, Stonewall and The Proud Trust, we have the ability to be seen and to see ourselves in the media.

Manchester Pride

Pride is special to everyone in some way. We all know a queer person; friends, family, neighbours, colleagues; they’re all people to be proud of. At the same time there are those who don’t understand their worth. There are those who we need to make sure know they should be proud of themselves. That’s why for Manchester Pride’s Spring Benefit we at Engage Hub made a video commemorating those we’ve lost or nearly lost because pride isn’t everywhere. The harsh reality we in the UK and across the world is that not everyone has the ability to see themselves in a positive light. Together with Manchester Pride we gave these people a voice. We showed what can happen without the presence of these celebrations. Below is just one frame from the video. All tweets used throughout the video are completely real and not at all staged.


The bravery of Marsha, Sylvia and all those others lives on today. What does Pride mean to you? Tweet us @EngageHub to tell us what you’re proud of.