Bake Off is back! – Warning, spoilers from the beginning!

Week One of Bake Off

Imelda was eliminated. What a sad start. With many claiming it was Terry who should have gone, has this series already gone awry? Maybe not!

Briony has created her very own regional biscuit for Bristol, the Bristol Twist. Manon ruled with her stunning French bakes. Even more impressively, one baker finished early and pulled out a packed lunch! What was really the cherry on top? The MEMES!

The Internet’s say

Sandi and Noel stand side-by-side in a Tweet which compares them to Harry Potter characters, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. There’s nothing wrong with becoming too comfortable in your old age.


One twitter account created a Bake Off commentary based off a flourishing meme which popped up on social a couple months ago. It’s based on two members of a popular American TV show having an argument with a ridiculous outcome.


As we mentioned, Baker Karen finished her biscuits early and presently got out some snacks and looked on as other contestants continued to bake. Here’s a dashing snap of her chomping on a square!


Terry’s self portrait biscuit came into a life of its own. Not only was it unique and perhaps a little scary, but also never-before-seen on Bakeoff. Below is the version Friends character, Phoebe, submitted to the judges. Just joking! It’s really a piece she did years ago on the show which Terry seems to have now taken a shine to.


Channel 4’s version of Bake Off is very well received, if a little odd. More and more people are seeing themselves relax into the arms of the new broadcaster. People are saying goodbye to historical takes and hello to ad breaks.


Whatever your take, this past week of GBBO has been an exciting one. We’re pleased to say this season is coming on well. Hm… what else is there to mention? … Oh that’s right!


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