Social media is a minefield, and if you don’t approach it correctly you can be left with a dormant account and no interaction. Luckily we’ve come up with four key things to avoid when building up a great social presence.

  1. Advertising Isn’t Everything

If you’re looking to get your brand and products out into the open and bombard consumers with adverts then social isn’t the right place to do it. A post a day chatting about what you offer isn’t overboard, but if your page is full of promotion and boring sales posts, you’re going to be a real turn off. Pretty soon people will be reaching for that unfollow button. Once you make the connection that users aren’t going to respond or interact with your 100s of adverts, the better. Your timeline should be like your diet; a healthy balance of core posts about your brand, a good helping of current trends or topics and a spoon of engagement with your followers.

  1. Engagement Is Key

So, engagement, what’s that? Daily interaction and chatting to similar businesses, newspapers and most importantly your customers. People have followed you for a reason, they follow your page so they’re going to have interest in your business; use this to your advantage by engaging with them. Strike up a conversation with them or reply to something they post! Any conversation is good conversation, so by building relationships with your peers and customers, you’re driving home your brand awareness. This also makes you seem human; less of a brand and more of a relatable and approachable account.

  1. Be Human

This point is slightly dependent on the brand, but most people respond to a company that is personable and appears human. No one really wants to follow an account with no character, so make sure you understand what the tone of your business is. Are you tongue in cheek or are you more business professional? Most people respond well to a brand with a bit of banter, but if you’re an account who’s aesthetic doesn’t match the banter, meme or gif persona, then even posting relevant news articles and discussing current affairs sets you apart from accounts that just product-push! As long as you can understand the healthy balance between product and social posts, your page will grow. Innocent Smoothie’s Facebook page is a great example, the tone of their account is spot on, and because it’s full of friendly, light-hearted banter they get a huge response – check them out for inspiration.

  1. Understand Your Audience

This ties into point number one, you need to approach your audience correctly. We’ve established that you need a good balance when it comes to posting content, but now you need to understand your audience and who they are – people who enjoy scrolling down their news feed without being targeted and bombarded with advertisements. Attract the right people by using appropriate hashtags in your posts, people actually search these hashtags if they’re looking for something or want information; if your post has the tag, you’ve got a new visitor on your page and probably a new follower! Keep your tags relevant to who you are, that way you’ll always get the right audience.

If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness and get noticed then social media is the way to go. Here at Engage Hub we run your social accounts and spend all day engaging with your followers and future customers, just give us a call and lets get creative!