Snapchat is a seven-year old app which everyone thought had a lot to give to the world. After Kylie Jenner’s tweets wiped £1.3 billion from Snapchat’s street value it seemed they were going to lose out. Snapchat was stronger than ever until share prices started falling five months ago due to a decline in users. How could it get worse for snapchat? Instagram is taking the stage.

Mute Annoying or Toxic People

Instagram released an update last Wednesday which now lets you mute people who you perhaps don’t get on with or don’t enjoy the things they post but for whatever reason you still need to follow them. This godsend of a feature comes a few months after trials in the US. Are you grateful or hateful of this new feature? Tell us why on twitter @EngageHub.

Video Calls

People have been calling for a new videocalling app or feature SOMEWHERE for a long time now. Videocalling features that aren’t faulty are pretty hard to come by. Could Instagram be our saviour? “Potential” and “Drive” are Instagram’s middle names. Their constant innovation and fine tuning of their site leaves little room for error and could provide a platform even facebook envies over the next few updates.

Slow Motion Stories

This is something Snapchat has had for a few years now but Instagram could launch any time soon. Slow-mo could mean more diverse content across the platform and make that gorgeous hair-click-makeup-reveal even more stunning and glamorous! Why are we excited? Instagram is an amazing social platform and we’d be lying if we didn’t miss videos like this in our feeds:

Tag Facebook Friends

Instagram has another feature hidden deep in code which could surprise you. It’s currently trialling the ability to tag facebook friends in posts and comments with a small handful of users. What do you think? Is this an invasion of privacy or a fun way to get more attention to amazing posts?

Calendar View for Archived Stories

Instagram sees snapchat’s story history and raises…. Calendar view! A stunning secret in Instagram’s code is leading many to believe that calendar view isn’t far off the horizon. Every picture from holidays to meals will be kept safe and sound in a glorious clean calendar. For now, we’ll have to settle for the little pop up that shows when you’re able to create story highlights.

Stories Reactions

Stories stories stories. When will it end? Here. For now it ends here. But what we love about this possible feature that you can react to stories and live videos making it accessible, simple and great for all users.

What are you looking forward to? Are there any features you want to see in the future? Let us know by tweeting us @EngageHub.

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