Snapchat is a fairly new form of social media, it’s a platform that is continually evolving and changing as it’s user base grows. Many businesses think of Snapchat and don’t see how it’s beneficial for their business – but it is! It’s no longer just for social reasons like sending selfies, filters, drawings – it’s a place where businesses can communicate with their customers.
There are plenty of reasons why you need Snapchat for your business, so we’ve condensed the most important ones down into 5 points.
1. Take Your Viewers Behind The Scenes
Everyone loves to feel like they’re getting a sneak peak, so use Snapchat as your platform to do that. It gives people a reason to add you and keep following – they like seeing what goes on behind the professional business persona. People really do take interest in seeing what you get up to in the kitchen or how you cook a dish, so don’t be scared to show your customers the unscripted side of your business. It brings the customer on a journey with you, that way when they’re next in your bar, hotel or on your website, they will be viewing you in a different light – one that’s much more honest and relatable than other corporate brands.
2. Promote A New Product Before It’s Out
Feeling like you’re seeing something exclusive is always great, so use this to your advantage on Snapchat by giving sneak peaks at a new product. It involves the customer and gives a much more personal approach, similar to the first point, you’re inviting them in behind the scenes. It means you’re showing a more honest and transparent side to you and your brand, and that’s a good thing. Also it creates a hype over your next product before it’s due to launch – stir up some anticipation!
3. Exclusive Competition/Promotion
This tactic persuades people to pull out their phones and add you on Snapchat. Publish on your other social platforms about your competition or promotion offer, explain that only people who follow you on Snapchat can be entered or find out the discount code. It gets you more viewers and you have happy customers – win win.
Make sure to advertise that you will be doing these Snapchat promos and competitions again soon such as once a month, you’re more likely to secure new followers for good if you do these promotions regularly.
This kind of technique is great for bars and restaurants, simply advertise on all of your social platforms that for the next hour you will be Snapping, the first viewer to spot the hidden red cocktail glass wins 2 free cocktails for you and a friend! Throughout your Snaps that people will intently watch, showcase your bar or menu – that way you can advertise your dishes whilst hosting a competition, it’s a no brainer.
4. Teach Your Viewers Something Or Tell A Story
Cool little quirks like this will keep your followers coming back, it’s a nice surprise when a company posts a 2 minute tutorial and shows their softer side. A bar for example could snapchat how to make their most popular cocktail, a hotel could demonstrate how to origami fold a towel, a make-up artist could show how to create a requested eye shadow look. No matter what your business is, there’s a mini story you can tell!
Make sure to keep it light hearted and fun, don’t plan or script what you’re doing – it should just flow and feel natural. Snapchat isn’t about staging things and over preparing, your viewers don’t want that, they want to feel like you’re an honest and trustworthy brand.
5. Have A Popular Social Media User Take Over Your Snapchat For A Day
Acquiring an individual with a large social following is a big step in the right direction to obtaining a lot of followers and consumers; it’s by far the best way to promote your Snapchat account as it’s a huge incentive for people to add you.
However, it’s important to take steps to organically grow your brand and account first, as people may just add your account then delete it right away once your influencer hands back over your Snapchat. You need to already establish a secure, loyal follower base; this provides you with a higher probability of your new followers sticking around.
It will also assure people that you haven’t just paid an influencer a sum of money to run your Snapchat for your own gain – getting a big social name to run your account should also be done with your consumers in mind. Don’t just pull a random name out of a hat and contact their manager, speak to your followers first to find out who they’d love to watch. Running a poll on Twitter is a great way to communicate this.

If you’re thinking to taking the plunge and getting your business seen on Snapchat give Ray a call on 0161 222 4044 to talk about your first snap!!