I don’t need to give social media an introduction; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all become household words. But if you’re stuck in thinking that these platforms are for the communication generation, you’re wrong! Social media is what your business needs; it is vital for continuous success and growth. If you’ve got accounts across these platforms but they remain dormant and haven’t seen a post since 2013, get motivated, get posting and most importantly – get your customers!

  1. It’s where your competition is

Gone are the days of word of mouth, today’s market is much more saturated and the first place people go for a suggestion is online. If your competition is on Twitter engaging, laughing and chatting to their peers and customers, your business is practically giving the opportunity to your competition. People want to be interacted with that includes your customers and similar businesses, which is why it’s also important to be online alongside your peers.

  1. It’s where your peers are

Chatting business to business gives you exposure, it brings in mutual followers and builds relationships. The outcome is a useful give-and-take relationship – if you’re a bar that regularly chats to the theatre round the corner via Twitter, you can promote one another on your social media. The theatre ultimately sends people to you for drinks before or after a show at their business, it’s a win win! Aligning your business with others like this is crucial; never underestimate the power of mutual help.

  1. It attracts you more business

This one is a no brainer, if your customers are online then that’s where you need to be. As well as this, people who didn’t even know you existed will find you; Twitter and Facebook suggest similar accounts for users to follow, so if someone is liking pages within your sector, they’re sure to come across you. Whilst your followers don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and promotion 24/7, information about your discounts, offers and services thrown in with plenty of engagement and ‘normal’ tweeting is a perfect balance! If people like the look of your online persona, they’re going to give your brand and products the time of day.

  1. Brand loyalty and awareness

If you’re regularly posting, chatting and engaging, you will build an interested and loyal following. These followers will see you as less of a corporation trying to flog them something and more like a relatable group of people; it’s the personal and human-like approach that builds brands a big social following, and in return this following generates mass loyalty and awareness.

  1. It drives website traffic

By obtaining a loyal customer base and business to business relationships across social platforms, people will see your name being mentioned or reposted. This drives people to your pages and naturally onto your website. You never know what people are looking for, and your website could be exactly it! To reap all these rewards from social you must be active and responsive to your following on a daily basis, not many people take a break from social anymore, so to be engaging with your audience all throughout the day is a sure fire way to generate website and social traffic.

If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness and get noticed then social media is the way to go. Here at Engage Hub we can run your social accounts and spend all day engaging with your followers and future customers, just give us a call and lets get creative!