This past month we’ve been working with a client who is launching a great product and it make us think. What are overseas products are we looking forward to? Here are our top 5 new products coning to the UK this year.

1 – IGK Hair

Four uber cool stylists came up with this product. Space NK stores nationwide are now selling this incredible range. Since their launch in Sephora two years ago, IGK Hair’s reputation has travelled internationally. Beauty bloggers the world over have been shouting their name from the rooftops. Now it’s the Uk’s turn.

2 – Nutribullet Balance

We know what you’re thinking, “why do I need to know about a blender?” This ‘smart nutrition system’ is all about progress. Nutribullet Balance works with your phone to create just the right smoothies for you. June will see blender splendour coming to a JohnLewis near you for £150 and we couldn’t be more excited!

3 – Kate Somerville

Another Sephora favourite is Kate Somerville’s skin care range. Somerville is a world-renowned skin care artiste, her skill and quality are undeniable but the only way to get your hands on her products was to fly in person to the US. Thankfully for UK pockets, that’s not the case anymore. Cult-Beauty now sells only-the-best of Somerville’s products on their UK site.

4 – Maltesers Buttons and Truffles

Years ago, Maltesers shook the nation by introducing Malteaster Bunnies. Now, they’re at it again. Mars is going to introduce all new products: Maltesers Truffles and Maltesers Buttons to the UK in the next couple of months. Exciting right? Twitter isn’t so sure.


Some people are big fans of the idea, however.


5 – Beyond Burger

This vegan wonder is a new product for the UK market. Beyond Meat’s hit product the Beyond Burger is the first of a potential wave of the brand’s products to be launched outside the US. Beyond Meat’s venture isn’t just for the UK. 10% of enquiries sent to the business over the past year have been about expansion. Therefore, it’s only right that the expansion covers 50 countries. Yup, you read that right. Mexico, Germany, Canada and Taiwan are among the other 49 countries setting their sights on this great BBQ addition.

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