It’s no secret that Apple’s marketing is brilliant. The brands’ achievements have been extraordinary, and have demonstrated the immense power that good advertising can have. Steve Jobs recognised the power of marketing in a time where dull, old fashioned marketing was abound; Apple’s branding is iconic and there are certainly lessons that most businesses can take on board.

  1. Don’t underestimate simplicity

    Simplicity is one of the key features of Apple’s advertising. I remember when the first Apple store came to Manchester and it was genuinely exciting as a child to go into the Apple store because it was so different to every other store out there. This is partly due to their advertising and branding, which is so consistent, the store’s are clean in appearance and not cluttered. Your business’ advertising does not need to have a million-and-one slogans on it. It looks old-fashioned, and honestly… desperate.
    You can create anticipation and excitement through simple advertising.

  2. Be human – and empathetic with your customers

    Sales works best when you show that you’re a human being, you don’t spur out a load of industry jargon that an average customer will not understand. The easiest way to engage with a mass, vast audience is by targeting what they all have in common: human emotions. Understand your customers need for a product and you’re golden. Empathy is a powerful thing, not only does it show that you know your stuff as a brand, but it shows you’re human.

  3. Give a sense of urgency

    Apple understand how to create a sense of anticipation about a product launch more than anybody else. Press launches are big events and a lot of effort is involved in the launch of a product. Create anticipation in advertising, by going for ‘sneak peak’ styles, giving glimpses of a product or service before it is officially launched. Those that buy the first 100 products from a company, get a freebie. Give a sense of urgency to your product, it may be the only time to give your customers a serious fear of ‘FOMO’ (‘Fear of Missing Out’).

  4. People DO judge a book by its cover

    Let me clarify, people do judge brands by how they look. For example, you could make the best computer in the world, but it would probably by ugly to look at. The Apple brand can afford to push consumers to buy their products simply for the premise that they look cool. If you run social media channels, make sure they look good. Any way your business is presented will convey the quality of the product you are selling. It sounds obvious, but it shows that you should look to get second-third-fourth opinions of any advertising you put out there.