The gadget offspring of large technology companies is forever evolving. There’s always a new invention around the corner, something to have us all up in arms and scrabbling over one another to be the first in line, and the 360 view camera is no exception. This new device uses a spherical camera system – front and rear cameras capture 180 degrees vertical and horizontal; the result is a seamless 360 view.

Imagine a video that’s interactive, that responds to the movement on your phone and allows you to view your surroundings as if you were really there. Now imagine you’re standing in a national volcanic park on the peak of Mount Brokeoff, you gaze upwards to the night sky and the Milky Way beams back down at you, then as you gaze to your right in the distance you see the sun setting over the cusp of a neighbouring volcano. Sounds beautiful, and maybe even unimaginable. With 360 video these experiences become a reality for thousands of people. Photographer Cory Poole did exactly that. He used a 360 view camera to snapshot this spectacle whilst on the peak of a volcano, and then shared it on Facebook as an interactive video for the rest of us to enjoy.

Online social media is where these interactive videos can come to life. Your screen is the viewfinder and your body is the compass; wherever you turn, step or lift your phone to, the video will follow. It gives the sense that you’re experiencing what’s on the screen. It’s more than just looking at a photograph and appreciating the view or the scenery, 360 makes it interactive and involves the viewer directly.

“Simply hover over a video and suddenly be propelled into a terrifyingly haunted house.”

Many brands and companies have been quick to recognise the online advantages of these kinds of interactive images and videos. The makers of The Conjuring 2 released a 360 interactive video one month prior to the release date of their film. This video did the rounds on social media and received a massive response – it shocked viewers, as people scrolling on Facebook could simply hover over a video and suddenly be propelled into a terrifyingly haunted house. The use of this technology was very strategically placed just before the film hit cinemas, and with no wonder; the video sparked major interest and engagement from people all over the globe and pushed The Conjuring 2 onto the trending page.

Here at Engage Hub we are no strangers to the 360 view camera, our videographers are incorporating this leap in technology into our client videos, creating a new dynamic viewing experience we like to call Engage360. We’ve seen a boost in engagement and a sparked interest to these videos, as with all things new and inclusive to the viewer – everyone wants to see it and be a part of it. This kind of provoking media is proving to be beneficial to a whole range of brands and clients.

Whether you’re an estate agent, a bar, a beautician or a restaurant, the new advancements in video technology will benefit you and your audience. Any genre of 360 video can be created, and in turn, the engagement will increase and your brand awareness will sky rocket along with it.

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