2018 is soon upon us and with the new year will come new developments on social media. As our favourite social platforms become more immersive and all-encompassing, the progression with these platforms becomes more and more exciting.

Sometimes, however, these progressions are a little bit freaky. 2017 saw Instagram stories introduced to the zeitgeist. Tweets were increased from 140 characters to 280. Meanwhile, users were slightly creeped out by Snapchat’s introduction of “Snap Maps”.

Let’s explore some predictions for our 2018 Social Media Trends!

Augmented Reality

Since the introduction of Pokémon Go to the public in 2016, the hunger for augmented reality has become huge.

Experts predict the market will be valued at £122 billion by 2024 and brands are taking notice for 2018, such as IKEA. They’re developing technology which will allow you to project furniture into your front room.

With this in mind, we predict that brands will increasingly incorporate product placement into Snapchat.

We can definitely see people Snapchatting themselves as they down virtual pints of Guinness on St. Patricks day!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will continue to be huge. Only recently, Boohoo launched an extremely disruptive campaign with Gemma Collins which made a lot of racket on social media. Her meme appeal directly equates to marketability for generation Xers. It was a genius move from the brand.

90% of companies believe Influencer marketing is a successful strategy and we most definitely agree! 2017 saw some very successful influencer marketing campaigns for Engage Hub. Check out who we’ve worked with here.

Facebook Spaces: We’ll See You In 2018!

It’s less of a prediction and more of an inevitability that Facebook will launch “Spaces” in 2018. This development will allow users to use Facebook photos to build themselves an animated character and socialise with friends in virtual reality.

You will be able to take selfies with friends and share Facebook photos and videos with them. You’ll even be able to have a cheeky FaceTime call. This initial rollout seems like merely the start of what is a limitless virtual world of opportunity.

Social Credit System

As is normal with social media, there is a lot of paranoia regarding data collection from the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Many of us remain blissfully unaware of all these processes, as if they are bodily functions that take care of themselves.

However, China is going to be using data collection for their own societal development. Millions of people have already signed up to a trial of a social credit system in 2018. This will be made mandatory in 2020.

This system will use social media platforms and other technologies to observe your online activity. Including what you buy, who your friends are, where you spend your time, what you spend your time doing. It will then determine whether all these behaviours are positive or negative.

If positive, your citizen score will be good. If negative – you don’t have to be a genius to work that out.

This citizen score determines whether you are trustworthy or not. It will directly affect your chances of employment, in addition to acquiring a bank loan, leaving the country and even getting in a relationship.

It’s crazy times we live in!

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