1761 and Lily’s Bar: A Taste Of Blighty On Booth Street

Get ready to be bowled over Manchester: a stunning taste of modern Britannia is coming to Booth Street. Occupying the old Avalanche Unit, 1761 and Lily’s Bar is a brand new restaurant and champagne bar opening to the general public on Wednesday (22nd November). It’s cost a cool £1m to refurbish which, quite rightly, has built a considerable amount of hype around the place.

Do 1761 serve the most Mancunian dishes ever? (Yes, yes they do).

1761 is the restaurant occupying the ground floor and its charms are quintessentially British. There’s class, panache and a big serving of Blighty in every dish, such as the trout which is cured with Manchester’s Three Rivers Gin and the Vimto Manchester Tart. It’s stylish and elegant, whilst at the same time comforting and charming. And this vibe is also matched by the lavish interior.

It’s sure to be a big hit with those who love to fill their Instagram with Manchester’s most dazzling spots. There’s Chesterfield sofas in the waiting area. Grand chandeliers dangling above the dining tables. Not to mention a mural of Lilly Bollinger – the once owner of Bollinger champagne. – on one of the walls. It’s all very Victorian!

Did somebody say, “champagne”? Let’s party like it’s “1761”!

Speaking of champagne, Lily’s Bar is situated in the basement and is being dubbed a ‘drinking den’ (which makes it all the more alluring). There’ll be fantastic drinks on offer, such as flutes of amazing fizz and cocktails based on the history of Manchester. The décor is just as opulent as 1761, with its main feature being an 118,000-litre fish tank. Now that will definitely be a marvel.


Their soft launch has made a big splash on social media, with diners applauding the superb food, splendid looks and, of course, the fabulous drinks. Which sounds like a good enough excuse for us to check out this place ourselves. We at Engage Hub can’t wait to get our chops round that Manchester Tart! Roll on Wednesday…